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Who we are!

STOKVEL BUSINESS CONNECT is an integrated marketing and promotions agency offering brand and experiential events as a means of connecting brands/products to stokvel and township market in South Africa.

The full service includes:

    • (Door-to-Door stokvel promotions, Instore- promotions, Road shows, Product launches, Stokvel events) .
    • Stokvel Media – Stokvel Magazine a lifestyle stokvel magazine reaching over 450 000 stokvel members.

  • Stokvel Training and development (Workshops).

We offer informed-strategy concepts for brand activation and experiential marketing delivered nationwide across the entire LSM spectrum within the stokvel and township market.

Our Team
Our Gauteng Office houses a team of 10 permanent a team of dynamic qualified street smart marketers, brand designers and event coordinators with brewed experience in the below the line marketing in running brand building /experiential events within the Stokvel and township market in South Africa. and over 1500 promoters and supervisors in different provinces through our satellite offices in Durban, Cape Town and inland provinces and Lesotho.


”We strive to constantly come up with new ideas, mechanics that will make your brand to stand out from the rest’’


Our relationship with Stokvel

Over the past years we have developed an intimate relationship with a community which is extremely vital and economically active.

Made up of more than 800 000 saving groups generically known as Stokvel, this market segment makes up the majority of black people in our country.

These are stokvel members, burial society members, the fully banked, the partially banked, as well as those who bank with stokvel only.

About Stokvels

Stokvels are defined as group savings schemes providing for mutual financial assistance as well as social and entertainment needs.

There are 811 830 stokvels and 11.4 million stokvel members with a total estimated value of R44 billion in South Africa.

Types of stokvel groups

  • Savings groups
  • Burial Society
  • Grocery
  • Birthday
  • Investments
  • Social clubs – Jazz Clubs